It’s Time For Live Blackjack Online!

The time to join in the fun and very real action of live casino games. Live blackjack New Zealand online has finally arrived! All Slots Casino, providers of high-quality casino games and entertainment since 2002 is rolling out the big guns and you’re invited! Finally there’s a way to play an actual game of blackjack, one of the most highly-rated card games of all time, while still being surrounded by all your creature comforts! A few years ago the mere thought of getting to experience a casino game like this would have been deemed a wild unsupported fantasy, but modern technology is truly something else. It’s allowed us so many liberties, so many new ways in which to conduct our lives and so many new avenues to explore. One of those of avenues is live blackjack online and it’s part of a much larger selection of live dealer casino games, all waiting to give players from New Zealand what is to date the most realistic way to play.

Find the Best Live Blackjack Games Here!

The technological ingenuity required to realise something like a live blackjack game doesn’t come overnight. It take years of specialisation and eventually mastery to allow players the ability to access an actual card and table game not just on PCs or laptops, but on all manner and makes of mobile devices too. That’s right good people, you can enjoy this great game of chance along with the rest on a device of your choosing, all thanks to an intuitive design, that entails a whole lot of attributes. One of those is that your screen resolution will adjust in accordance with your internet speed.

Here at All Slots Casino we do offer the best live blackjack games and that’s no idle boast – that’s a statement with credentials! Way back when we opened shop the immediate inclination was to get a game supplier that would trump the rest. We partnered with Microgaming and we’ve never looked back since. We knew that if we were going to provide our Kiwi players with the best possible live dealer games, that once again we’d have to partner with the best and that we have!

Making The Best Live Blackjack Online

That might sound like a mouthful but all it really means is that we’ve partnered with Evolution Gaming, the pioneers and masters of the live dealer movement. Thanks to our partnership with this lot, the All Slots brand is able to offer all its players from New Zealand the best live blackjack online! How has this technological wonder come into fruition? By combining good old casino know-how with the latest innovations and breakthroughs made within the online casino business, that’s how. They say that two heads are better than one and that sometimes it’s best to give people the best of both worlds. Some have even said that if you can’t make up your mind between A and B, simply choose both A and B, and that’s really what Evolution Gaming has done in order to make the live dealer experience a real thing. Through a combination of traditional casino components, paraphernalia and web-based technology, Evolution Gaming have built casino studios in various parts of the world from which to beam their games in real time. As one of their exclusive partners, All Slots Casino is licensed to not only offer up the king of all card games – live blackjack online – but to include a slew of other real-time card and table games sure to excite, delight and entertain.

Play Live Blackjack New Zealand Style

Play live blackjack New Zealand style and discover the fun and the benefits that accompany being able to play the game like this. Live dealer blackjack doesn’t just give players the ways and means of enjoying a few hands of blackjack in actuality, it also provides what can only be deemed as nifty optional extras. These extras fulfil a number of duties to the player that range from the way in which you can actually perceive the game on your screen or monitor, down the types of bets that you can place. At the moment All Slots offers up three variations of live dealer blackjack made up of the following titles: Live Blackjack, Live Blackjack 5 and Live Blackjack 10 – the latter two of which are designed to offer players a more private affair. This means that higher wagering and VIP treatment is part of the package.

Live Blackjack Online FAQs

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we’ll delve into the further intricacies of live blackjack online. We’ve given you a pretty good idea of what to expect from this type of casino gaming, however, we may have missed a thing or two, hence we shall now address these matters.

Q: Is blackjack New Zealand online legal?

A: Here at All Slots Casino we wouldn’t avail any gaming content to anyone without being within our rights to do so. The legalities of our remote gaming services are overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority, a trusted and respected regulator of online casino games.

Q: Are live blackjack games rigged?

A: Not at All Slots! Our credentials speak for themselves. We’ve been in this business for almost 20 years and let us assure you, if we were rigging games, we’d have been outed and shamed a long time ago. Outside of the fact that we’re overseen by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), we’re also proud recipients of the eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) seal of approval, which means that we submit to a battery of external auditing processes and one of those entails making sure that all the online casino games we offer provide fair, random and independent outcomes.

Q: What makes live blackjack so real?

A: There are a number of components that come together to bring you live blackjack. Through a combination of traditional casino technology and other elements of online casino technology, we’re able to offer these very real games of chance. Each of our live blackjack titles comes with a real casino table manned by friendly and proficient dealers who won’t just deal cards and read out results, but also make conversation with players to further create a sense of realism.

Q: What makes live blackjack so special?

A: There are a number of reasons and features inherent in the live blackjack games we offer that make them special. For one thing, even if you’re not quite ready to delve right in, you can opt for the Bet Behind option, a betting strategy that allows you to observe the game and if you want, to bet on who you think will have the best hand. The Bet Behind feature also allows a lot more players to enjoy live blackjack and this means that the fun isn’t withheld by those “seated” at the table.

Q: What other features does live blackjack offer?

A: Where do we start? For one thing, players have an incredibly intuitive user interface that allows them to place bets and communicate with dealers and players. In addition to this, three screen modes are available, namely 3D, multi-camera and classic. Most players opt for the classic view as it provides an overall view of the game. For those who want more information, the multi-camera angle is quite ideal.  Live blackjack also provides players with side bets such as Perfect Pairs and these bets can increase winning possibilities. There’s also something called an Initial Decision button and this lets those seated decide what they’re going to do ahead of the cards being revealed.

Q: What is the best hand to have in a game of blackjack?

A: The best hand to achieve in a game of blackjack is blackjack or a score of 21.

Q: Is there a blackjack strategy that I can use?

A: You can download what is commonly referred to as a strategy chart. Blackjack has always held a degree of strategy, although luck is still the most influential factor regrading positive outcomes. However, you should consider it as nothing more than a guideline geared towards helping you make a more informed choice. There are NO guarantees.

Q: Is there a blackjack bonus?

A: Here at All Slots Casino we offer all new players a welcome deposit bonus of NZ$1500. This non-obligatory offer allows players the chance to deposit three times and to then get something in return by way of us matching those deposits 100% for up to $500 each. In addition to this offer, we run weekly and monthly deals and offers also.