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Welcome to baccarat online New Zealand! Baccarat is the casino table game of choice for many, an iconic fixture on global gaming floors. In an exotic destination such as Macau, it’s the preferred casino experience in a city where high rollers gather to enjoy the excitement of gambling in a multitude of stylish venues. The game has long piqued the interest of Europe’s Royal Families and gentry, too. Now All Slots online casino is bringing the live baccarat action to players around the world, with a chance to explore the game without having to leave home. Live baccarat can be enjoyed anywhere, because it’s optimised for mobile and desktop play. That means players can join in a games room environment from their desktop or on the go via a smartphone or tablet. All that’s needed is an internet connection to enjoy the live baccarat experience in our online casino. Android, iPhone and Windows are all compatible, offering the chance to play live blackjack, live baccarat and live roulette among an extensive range of games and slots anywhere, at any time of day.

How to play live casino baccarat

“Baccarat” originally meant “zero”, but the baccarat online New Zealand players enjoy at All Slots translates as “maximum enjoyment”! The game itself is simple enough: eight cards are dealt by a banker from the shoe (a container holding the cards). The player then bets on one of three potential outcomes.  Either the banker or player holds a hand closest to the value of nine, or else the result is a tie. Two cards each are then dealt to player and banker – if the player or the banker’s hand has a value of less than five, a third card is dealt to them. The hands are revealed to determine the outcome of the bet. The numbering system of baccarat contributes to the value of a hand. All face cards and 10s equal zero, the last digit of the total is the final score. To illustrate, with a hand containing a King, 5 and 7, the total is 12 – the final score is 2. A baccarat hand is one that adds up to 10 – a 3 and a 7, for example. A 10 translates to a score of zero.

Join a live casino baccarat table

Live casino baccarat is a compelling representation of the game. When played at All Slots, the casino experience comes to life. Opulent luxury and serene ambiance are the order of the day at the traditional bean-shaped baccarat table, where a friendly, accommodating live dealer takes the player through the game.

Full HD video quality brings the table action to life. From the dealer interaction to the cards displayed on the table, all views are maximised using multiple camera angles. This immersive online casino realisation of baccarat provides a sense of true-to-life experience. Starting out? The dealer provides the peace of mind to help players relax and learn the game, while experienced players will note the professional presentation of the game in this slick format, along with real card play. The player-friendly interface offers told not available in a standard casino environment, including road maps that provide at-a-glance trends.

Road maps to live casino baccarat

Road maps in baccarat are scoreboards revealing the results in more than 60 previously-dealt hands. This provides stats that the player can use to gauge the odds and make a betting decision. In live casino baccarat online, the player has all these maps at their disposal.

Red for banker wins, blue for player wins and green for ties – that’s the easiest way of describing the bead plate, a grid with different-coloured beads.

By focusing on consecutive wins as revealed by the Big Road scoreboard, players may be able to discern trends for player hands and banker hand bets. A “dragon tail”, for example, is a bet that wins more than six times in a row. When used with the Big Road, the Big Eye Boy roadmap is designed to provide insights into results – whether they’re changing with each hand or repeating.

Variations on these are the Small Road and Cockroach Pig roadmaps.

The different types of live baccarat

There are a number of variations on classic live baccarat available. Live Baccarat Squeeze applies a feeling of suspense. Cards are dealt face down, the hand on which the lowest bet has been placed is revealed and the highest bet hand then undergoes the Squeeze, a baccarat ritual in which the short edge, then the long edge of each card is shown, slowly revealing the full hand.

The Live Baccarat Control Squeeze allows the player to control the squeeze. Evolution Gaming has found an ingenious way of making this happen in an online environment, with the dealer placing the cards face down on a special glass equipped with cameras. The image of the cards appears on screen, and the player then uses a finger or mouse to slowly pull back the edges of the cards, to finally reveal the hand value!

How to bet at live baccarat

Player hand, banker hand and tie represent the standard bets. A player hand bet receives an even-money payout, a banker hand win pays out even money minus a house commission and a tie pays out 8 – 1, provided that a tie bet was placed by the player.

There are a number of side bets that can be placed to add to the experience. Bet on a player or banker getting a pair – a win pays out 11:1. A perfect pair is two identical cards dealt to plyer or banker – a win with this pays out at 25:1. If both plyer and banker get the same, this increases to a 200:1 payout. A Player Bonus or Banker Bonus occurs when the hand you chose is a natural 8 or 9 and it wins by at least 4 points. The payout for this can be anything from 1:1 to 30:1 depending on the hand difference.

Live casino baccarat online: FAQs

Here are some great responses to questions about live baccarat online with All Slots Casino you may find helpful.

Q: Where can I find a casino to play live baccarat online?

A: The best live casino games such as live baccarat online can be found at casinos such as All Slots that offer a popular casino experience in New Zealand and worldwide in games designed by our live dealer partners Evolution Gaming, the world’s best developers of live dealer games.

Q: Is  live baccarat online safe to play?

A: All Slots Casino is licensed by the internationally-recognised Malta Gaming Authority and is the proud recipient of the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. This means that there’s a secure environment for you to play live baccarat and that your personal and financial data are completely safe.

Q: What baccarat best is the best?

A: The banker bet is considered safest as the banker has, statistically, a higher chance of winning than the player. There’s a commission that goes to the house for a winning banking bet.

Q: What baccarat bet is the worst?

A: When it comes to the lowest chances of winning, a tie bet, statistically, is the worst bet.

Q: Is baccarat considered to be a game of chance or is it a game of skill?

A: All casino games are ultimately games of chance, although players can use baccarat roadmaps to observe trends and patterns. Chance rather than strategy is the name of the game.

Q: In baccarat, what is the best hand?

A: The best hand in baccarat has a value of 9.

Q: What is a ‘natural’ in a baccarat casino online?

A: A natural is a hand with a value of 8 or 9 on the first deal, winning straight away unless it’s a natural 8 against a natural 9.

Q: How do I get started with live baccarat online?

A: Baccarat is just one of many casino games to be enjoyed in an online casino environment like the one at All Slots Casino. There’s a welcome bonus of up to $1500 on registration as a member when players deposit cash; All Slots will match the first three deposits by 100% on up to $500 each the first week of membership, to welcome you to the world of baccarat live and other popular casino games.