Sic Bo at All Slots Casino New Zealand

Sic Bo is a dice game that originated in ancient China, and although the words mean Dice Pair, this is a misnomer, since you will be playing with three. It has been updated for modern New Zealand players, and you can enjoy it at any time on your PC, Android or iPhone when you sign up with us.

Easy Rules for Sic Bo at All Slots

The rules for Sic Bo are very easy, and you will be wagering on the outcome of the roll of the three dice. You will make your first bet by selecting the size of your chip, and then placing these on the area of the table that corresponds to the wager you want to make. Remember, you are not limited to just 1 bet, and can place multiple wagers of different amounts on the same roll of the dice if you want to.

Bet Types for Sic Bo Online

One of the best parts of Sic Bo is that there is a wide variety of bet types open to you, which means there is a correspondingly good array of different odds and payouts. These range from even money right through to 180:1.

Three of the possible bets open to you at All Slots online casino:

  • Specific Triple: You can wager on a specific triple outcome, for example, triple 7s.
  • Any Triple: You will win this wager if all 3 of the dice have the same number showing, no matter which number it is.
  • Specific Double: You will win if at least 2 of the 3 dice show the number that you wagered on.

Winning When It Comes to Sic Bo

After you have placed your initial Sic Bo bet, you will select the Roll button, and the three dice will come into play. The areas of the Sic Bo table that correspond to all the winning bets will then light up. For example, should the dice roll reveal a 1, 3, and another 3, the following bet areas will be lit up: Small, Total 7, Double 3, 2-Dice Combination 1 & 3, Single Die 1, and Single Die 3. Each of the possible Sic Bo bets will have different odds when it comes to payouts, and the good news is that it is not necessary for you to memorise them - they will be printed clearly on the table for the game. The lowest possible payout is 1:1, for the Small or Big bet, and the highest is 180:1, for the Specific Triple bet.

This game is a great amount of fun, and the variety of bets ensures that you stay interested even after you have been playing Sic Bo for a while. There is also always the possibility that you could take home a really big win, and everyone knows that’s the best reason of all for playing!

Start having fun with Sic Bo when you sign up for your All Slots Casino NZ account today.